Easily install your visitor network
in only 5 minutes.

Wi5global Plug & Play connects to your existing router and launches secure guest WiFi.
1. Plug in your Wi5global
Plug Wi5global into your existing router using the provided cables.
2. Turn on the power
Wait 5 minutes while your Wi5global gets ready and prepares itself.
3. Get connected
Connect to your network and test out your new guest WiFi experience.

Ease of configuration

Guest WiFi Marketing

Identifying complete customer profiles, shopping behaviors and analyzing footfall traffic has never been easier. Wi5global Guest WiFi converts unknown visitors into known profiles.

Configuring your Guest WiFi is simple

All you have to do is connect to your client account and configure your splash page with relevant video/image ads to impress your audience.

Wi5global captive portal is unique by it's approach

Our aim is to have complete users profiles: mobile number, email, gender, birth-date and name. On top of that, you can collect other sets of data such as car-plate number, marital status, parental status, or any others depending on your interest.

Amazing Splash and landing Pages

Instead of a standard splash and Landing page that can quickly become obsolete, our versatile splash pages allow you to customize your page however and whenever you want!

Customize text, image, video ads and the specific UI elements.

Make your own splash and Landing page from just pick and drop Wi5global solutoin. Put your best foot forward by showcasing your popular brands, promotions and anything else you wish to bring attention to. Also, use video advertising through the landing page.

Allows customers to login instantly through their preferred social media profile.

Customers can like or share your business page engaging them on social media. Engage your customers through a variety of channels emails, and posts on social media. Social WiFi helps you grow your CRM database. Users logging in with their social media pages gives you access to valuable demographics. Campaigns using Social Wi-Fi lists can expect more repeat customers as well as high open and repeat rates in their marketing on a long-term basis.

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