Do You Offer Guest WiFi to Your Clients?

If not, then you are missing to
  • Collect your client's contact information and segment information.
  • Digitize your presence across different channels.
  • Engage your clients through smarter advertising campaigns.

Benefits of Wi5global

  • Customer Analytics: leveraging the customer's information helps retailer to strategize their campaign and compete with different retailers in the market.
  • Lead Capture: knowing about the visitor who is more interested in exploring more about the business and wants to get serviced.
  • Branded Splash Page: splash page works efficiently as an eye catchy tool for the client who gets to know about the business or the place. One can use splash page to promote new deals which leads to getting valuable feedback.
  • Trigger Campaigns: specifically developed marketing for an absolute time or event to attract the favorable guests.
  • Data Privacy Compliance: making sure that the client's personal information is not shared with any third-party application or user to ensure consumer's data privacy policy.
Shopping Malls
Wi5global is a WiFi analytics and communication platform that helps brick & mortar businesses know their clients on a deeper level. Using Wi5global you are able to analyse client behaviour and expectations, capture their personal data, digitize their presence and directly engage them with communication campaigns.
Achieve a constant passenger flow with marketing and analytics. Understand how passengers move around the terminal with Wi5global and ensure data coverage on airline marketing, operations, flight schedules and more. Find solutions in real time and improve your business process.
Restaurants, Bar & Cafe
Wi5global is the ideal WiFi marketing tool for restaurants and cafes looking to raise their profits and gain more exposure. Give your customers the personalized experience that they expect and demand while gaining direct insight into their behaviour.
Banks can keep up with advanced WiFi marketing technology through the Wi5global WiFi analytics platform. Banks link the quality and caliber of their digital customer service with an increase in investments. Additionally, more customers are switching to digital-only banking solutions everyday.

Compatible with any WiFi infrastructure.

Wi5global can be utilized on top of any WiFi foundation. Cisco, Meraki, Cambium Networks, Xirrus, Ruckus Wireless, Aruba, Aerohive WiFi, Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, Fortinet or different merchants. Give your clients the calm verification strategy utilizing their versatile numbers or social WiFi.

Wi5global integrates with your CRM.

Wi5global framework registers and stores specialized, segment information and digitize clients presence and conduct. Everything gathered data can be utilized through Wi5global stage or moved by means of tied down API to outsider CRMs like SalesForce, HubSpot or Microsoft Power BI.

Wi5global is GDPR Compliant

Wi5global is completely GDPR consistent. All private information we gather is safely put away in our cloud servers and encoded showed in your dashboard. Any individual from your association can get to the dashboard without gambling any information break. Also you can give access to your advertising agency to operate the account.

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